Lucy is very suspicious when he stands her up and makes her wait for hours.  He says he's sore from working out at the gym, but she knows he's lying....and he's no where  near as sore as he's going to be!  She starts 'stretching' him out with wrestling holds, trying to make him admit he's fooling around.  She puts him in a standing head scissor that really shows off her bulging thigh muscles.  As she has him in a painful choke hold he asks her if she doesn't love him...and she says, "You know I do", but doesn't relinquish her hold for a minute!   She's on a mission to learn the truth, calling him honey all the while squeezing, slapping, pulling his hair, and putting him in hold after tortuous hold.  Lucy has amazing legs  and iron thighs which she uses to great advantage as she never lets up and won't let him up until he consents to do whatever she wants. 

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