Suzie thinks the water's too cold, so she decides to warm up in the sun...when she realizes that someone is filming her...and then it really heats up as she marches up to the peeping tom, punches him in the stomach and carries  him back to her room where she  has some sport with him.   "Zoom in on this," she says as she face sits him, airplane spins him with ease,  face sits,  walks him around the room with a standing head scissor,  and has her way with him.   She really knows how to work a hold  and she's having too much fun to let him go.  After a while though, she gets bored and tells him when he comes to to get out the door.  He sneak attacks, which gets her angry (not a good idea).  She decides to make a meatball out of him...grind him up and eat him for lunch.  Suzie gives new meaning to meat grinder as she uses a variety of lifts, potent scissors, kicks,  bites his arm, and tosses  and carries him around at will before finally dumping him in the pool.

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