He can't believe that Stacey threw him over for another woman, and when he sees them kiss, he becomes  enraged.  The deal is that Star and Roger will wrestle, winner gets Stacey.    But Stacey can't stand being out of the action as they take him apart.  When Star works her face sitting Stacey remarks, "It's probably the longest he's been under a woman in a long time."  When he wants to give they 'can't hear him'.  He's groaning and unable to speak, so they try to interpret what he's saying....and hear "punch me in the stomach, squeeze me harder, hurt me..."  This is an unbelievable match as these two gorgeous women have a ball.   He is completely helpless as they romp all over him, with scissors, double face sitting,  breast smothers, and any other hold they can think of.  They just love facing each other kissing while they sit on his face and putting their toes over his mouth.  Roger would love to give up, but no one can hear him with feet  and breasts all over his mouth.   Girls just want to have fun!

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