She's looking for a tough man to play the last man on earth.  He struts around thinking he's the rooster until she shows him how  insignificant he is.   He can't believe this audition as she squeeeeezes him.  He honestly believes that if he fights back he can win...she loves  it!  She keeps telling him he's got to be able to take it.   She doesn't know when she's had so much fun since she threw her boyfriend off the balcony.    He can't believe what is happening to him!     Her scissors are incredibly powerful as he is forced to submit again and again.   When she squeezes him unconscious, he's devastated to find that he's still there.  She informs him he'll be there until she decides he can go.  As she puts him out for the last time she tells him they really do need a blonde, but he did a great job,  and she had a wonderful work out. ...while she's squeezing him out, she sees the next actor come in for his 'audition'.  She's more than ready!

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