Sharon Kane- "MOMMIE DEAREST?!!"

Sharon Kane is one of the sexiest women and most dominant we know and in this video she is a babe as she attempts to deal with her college age son's spending habits. The bills are in and he's been blowing his money on women's lingerie. "The gravy train stops here!" She tells him. Mommy is incensed and she's not going to put up with him any longer. She's going to teach him a lesson. Watch out for Mommy! She accuses him of never seeing lingerie on real live women and decides to show him a thing or two by seductively removing her blouse. Then she provocatively tease him with her breasts before removing her bra and telling him that she calls her breasts deadly weapons! She chokes him with her bra, then proceeds to kick him all over the room, applies head scissors/figure fours, pins him to the wall and floor with her foot, and punches him until she knocks him out! This is one bad Mommy! Add it to your collection!
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