Joanna is wearing a sexy, black bikini but she's on the couch, writhing in pain when her physical therapist shows up to help her. "Fix it" she insists and he begins a massage. But then he accuses her of wrestling on TV, which she denies. He tells her she couldn't wrestle if she wanted to because of her back pain. She insists she can wrestle but he's persistent that she can't and it infuriates her , so she grabs him in a head lock. She's not in the mood to argue and he's in the wrong place at the wrong time! She uses arm bars, body scissors, matchbooks, lift and carries, forward and reverse head scissors, figure fours, grapevines, and more to prove her point and get her way! The sexy, radiant, ravishing Joanna is unrelenting and fierce leaving the rest of us, head over heels for her!
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