Wearing an electric blue bikini Tasha begins her workout.  She stretches her long, taut legs and flexes her beautifully toned biceps when she is interrupted by Steve.  He wants to wrestle!  She is annoyed by the proposal and declines the challenge.  Refusing to take "No" for an answer he returns  with rope and threatens to hog-tie her.  Time to silence this pip-squeak once and for all!  She takes him down and crushes him with a powerful head scissors and that's just the beginning!  Grapevines, headlocks, face sits and more severe scissors are used to torture him until he screams, "STOP!! I GIVE!"  Grabbing his rope she hog-ties him and forces him to worship her muscles.  This moment is too good to let go by, and she grabs her camera "so now the whole gym will see YOUR humiliation!"
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