Tori makes a big mistake when she invites someone she's just met on the internet over to her place.  Expecting him to be tall, dark, and handsome, she is shocked to meet short, creepy, and perverted!  Totally disgusted she leaves the room, only to return to find him rummaging through her panty drawer.  She explodes with anger, and a bitter Tori becomes his worst nightmare!  With revenge in her eyes, she treats him to a painful  humiliation that includes reverse face sitting, breast smothering, and fearsome head and body scissors.  With total domination she teases, spanks and slaps him.  She forces him to suck her toes and give her a pony ride.  She chokes him with a vicious scissor until he loses consciousness,  then she stuffs her panties in his mouth.  That should teach him not to deceive a woman!!

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