2 females vs 1 male - wrestling     2 females vs 1 male - wrestling   2 females vs 1 male - wrestling   2 females vs 1 male - wrestling    2 females vs 1 male - wrestling


Tasha tells Matt that she'll take him on in a wrestling match anytime. Matt thinks it'll be too easy and tells her to go bring back a friend and he'll take them both on. Tasha shows up a little later with an unexpected surprise,  6' amazon Crystal White.

They joyfully jump him and proceed to tear him apart. Tasha sits right on his face as Crystal squeezes his body with her endless lovely muscular legs. They bask in their total dominance and double team him with a frenzy of body and head scissors. The two turn the match into a festival of breast smothering and face sitting.  He tries to resist their requests that he suck  their feet and toes but to no avail.  This match is a fun filled feast for the eyes, full of double scissors, foot worship and sexy domination.

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