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Sorority Scissors Sister Vickie (5' 4" 112 lbs) wants to try out for the college guys wrestling team. She pays a visit to the coach to get some tips on the key holds. She has an extraordinary dancer's body with long beautiful, tautly muscled, extremely powerful legs.  Right away she gets and holds the coach in several scissors and reverse scissors. He begins to get a little inappropriately aggressive but finds that he seriously underestimated this hellcat. Vickie means business when she wraps her muscular thighs around his ribs and threatens to crack them unless he agrees to put her on the team.   He is no match for her powerful limbs,  as he constantly begs for mercy.  She puts him in headlocks, cradles and finally her power scissors finishes the nasty coach off, knocking him out.  Turns out she should be giving tips to the coach!! 

All videos filmed in color.

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