mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling 
mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling

Gorgeous Brigitte is frustrated with her boyfriend and his wimpy behavior.  When she insults him he whines and asks her to stop but she tosses him across the room.  The wild eyed amazon stalks him and lifts and slams him to the ground where she scissors him with her sexy killer legs.  He groans and begs her to stop, but this eggs her on to crush him more painfully.  He finally tries to fight back and everything he tries makes her more determined to destroy and humiliate him.  She lifts him with ease,  and  then she wraps her legs around his head and body like a boa constrictor threatening to squeeze his life from him.  The more pain she can inflict the happier she is.   Brigitte looks like a lady, but she is one crazy exciting animal who loves to destroy men.  At the end she straddles his limp body, lights up and sadistically blows smoke in his face.

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