Carmen and Debbie T - Lift & Carry Mike!

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Carmen & Debbie T stop by to take Mike to the beach, (watching them walk up the steps - showing those bulging, muscular legs in spike heels is incredible).  But he'd rather not go, "unless you carry me to the car, carry me to the beach and carry me home."  They decide to take him up on that and Carmen and Debbie T decide that lifting and domination are lots of fun.   The two girls just love carrying him around in all different poses, over the shoulder, upside down carries, spins, shoulder, fireman carries and every other lift you can think of.   They finally carry Mike upstairs, in heels! and Carmen carries him downstairs to play with him some more.  Turns out it's Mike's birthday, and when he asks what they brought him, Carmen asks "Aren't we enough?"  You bet they are!

Tape length:  45 minutes
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