CHANTEL Lifts & Carries

(Also featuring Susie and Marika!)

                  lift and carry  lift and carry  lift and carry  lift and carry  lift and carry  mixed wrestling         

A playful tussle on the mat between Chantel and Dean leads to more “uplifting” experiences for Dean as Chantel elevates him onto both of her shoulders, then one, then hangs him upside down and spins him.  A series of fireman carries, cradles, and back breakers follow until Suzie arrives.  Suzie is impressed and decides to try a few things herself. However the fun really begins when the two women take turns wrestling Dean with their head and body scissors, and combine lifting efforts.  After Suzie exits, Marika joins the couple.  Extremely strong and very willing, Marika effortlessly carries Dean on her shoulders.  Challenged, Chantel picks up Dean and Marika at the same time, dancing around the room while supporting the two on her sturdy frame.  (Note:  there is some partial color loss in the video.)  34 minutes


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