Video SV-12

 Brigitte vs Matt

mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling   mixed wrestling
  mixed wrestling    mixed wrestling     mixed wrestling        
When Matt notices the tall, beautiful Brigitte (5'10", 144 lbs) waiting around the studio, he decides to try and pick her up.  She tells him to "shove off!" but when he persists, she literally picks him up!  Matt did not take kindly to being tossed around and he started wrestling with her.  Matt fights hard but the lovely Brigitte is too strong and skillful for him to handle.  Bear hugs, full-nelsons, spins, lifts, various pins, and crushing scissors are some of the many holds that Brigitte uses to subdue him.  One of her favorite holds is to use her 16" calves to smother an opponent while he is trapped in a head scissor.  Brigitte is one of the best wrestlers that we have ever seen.

All videos are filmed in color.

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